Love makes everything ravishing

XDX Created a plush collection full of emotions that embraces deep feelings of the heart offering generously the finest materials.

The healing power of the moment, the treasures it has created are part of a new series of jewels that combine luxury with the tradition and history of Greece as well as the art of great civilizations from all over the world.

Life…this opera of emotions, is reflected in the hands of designer Xristina. Silver and gold jewelery embellished with the luxury of pearls nesting in the golden seas, the gleaming stones that capture the light and turn it into dazzling colorful rays giving the joy of the rainbow. The shells nesting on the scales of marine creatures. Laying now on Xristina’s counter, gifts made with so much care, touched by the wishes of fairies. Earrings made with snowflakes, pearl necklaces, bracelets made with gold and silver, rings that share wishes of the heart, holding hands tight, they whisper secrets

Each jewelery means so much , being part of her own heart.

Spread out treasures , transformed with the love that makes everything beautiful, that unites and is given whole-heartedly. The sharing of feelings through this plush collection of Xdx, offered, shared, enchanting whoever touches them…
Healing the mind of the heart.